A Relaxing Place inside the green Marinella Estate,
Between the Apuane Alps and the Ligurian Sea


Here everything is perfectly organized to suit you,
From the raw material source to scents and flavors


Each room is furnished leaving nothing to chance,
In an only apparent total simplicity

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Classic and modern design rooms, elegant and equipped with the best


We would like to tell you the story behind the Hotel “Locanda dell’Angelo”: its date of birth, why it was built and how the meeting between two ingenious and creative minds gave life to this “big house”.
Before welcoming you in, we would like to explain to you the reason why right here, at the Hotel “Locanda dell’Angelo”, time has come to a halt or, better, why we wanted time to stop here.
A famous, in fact an incredibly famous Italian architect turned the morphology of this territory into his inspiring muse: the Apuan Alps that, after having reflected themselves in the bed of the Magra river, embrace the sea.
A territory where unique landscape scenarios are combined with different shapes, colours and flavours, being the result of the fusion of two beautiful regions: Liguria and Tuscany.
In the same way our lands meet one another to give birth to such a natural display, hereby two great masters once met: Angelo Paracucchi – a creative gastronomic genius – and Vico Magistretti – a visionary architect precursor of the famous house “Artemide”, later transformed into “Kartell”.
The project of the Hotel “La Locanda dell’Angelo” started in 1971, at a time when Magistretti, whilst observing the Marinella plain, surely wasn’t imagining to build any building that would disharmonize this “scenario” but was planning instead to put a big roof on top of a “big house”.
Just like this: his creative and artistic inspiration consisted in drawing a minimalist and elegant accommodation so that guests would lull themselves into the culinary creations of the great Chef Angelo Paracucchi.
The shapes of Magistretti’s architectural style and the gastronomic interpretation of the flavours of the master Paracucchi were meant to accompany the guests by the hand through emotions, sensations, and memorable memories.
Plunging into the twinkle of the marble pool and looking up towards the Apuan Alps, one cannot help but noticing how all the natural elements that frame the Hotel “La Locanda” fit together perfectly, like in a big mosaic, evoking the creative energy that unites forms with flavours.
To this date the Hotel “La Locanda” jealously preserves its own strong architectural character. However, this wasn’t a casual will as all changes have been applied leaving the style and principles told and translated into design by Vico unchanged. We surely wanted to contemporise this Hotel through modernization and those comforts requested by the market’s new trends, always trying not to affect Magistretti’s personality.
The common spaces and rooms are still imbued with the original design expressed by sofas, tables, lamps, beds, armchairs, and other furnishing components. Every corner of the Hotel “La Locanda dell’Angelo” bears an object, a detail or that “something” that deserves a careful look and overview.
We’ve tried to stop time here: from the main entrance you’ll grasp the feeling of having arrived at a “big house” with a non-conventional unique style, surrounded by a green park, with white square English windows and low seating typical of tea rooms, deliberately suffused lights underneath a “roof” that cuddles and makes the guest feel at home and not in a hotel.


The hotel “La Locanda dell’Angelo” is a beautiful venue on the border between Tuscany and Liguria, a hotel that is both modern and traditional, only 3 min. away by car from the seaside resorts of Fiumaretta and Marinella of Sarzana.
Besides, it is just 3 km away from the historical town of Luni and the Gulf of the Poets, 13 km away from Lerici’s Castle and also close to the Cinque Terre, which are easy to get to by car, train or ferry.
This hotel consists of 31 lodgings, among rooms and suites: wonderful spaces suitable for the most diverse types of travelers.
The hotel’s furniture embraces evergreen classics though it’s been completed by works of art of contemporary artists: such contrast and alliance create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere all around.
The kitchen, overlooking a green garden, is a wonderful space realized just to enhance the chef’s creativity and satisfy the most demanding tastes. The inspiring principle is that of a home where no two environments are identical.
This charming accommodation attracts a variety of visitors, going from the traditional tourist in search of sunny beaches to the explorer type who enjoys the countryside with its peace and quiet.The strong architectural character is here to stay, those changes have been applied while keeping the original style and the principle that Vico Magistretti wanted to express are visible and tangible to this date.
We wanted to contemporize the whole accommodation according to today’s market, not at all affecting the personality of “Magistretti”; you will still find design pieces, such as lamps, left deliberately intact just like bathroom fixtures and taps and fittings.
Time has undoubtedly made improvements and upgrades necessary for the wellbeing of our Guests: by entering the main gate you will immediately perceive a wholly peculiar style that stands out completely from the usual.
This big house is renowned for its services, such as the restaurant, that have always attracted a sought-after clientele from every corner in the world, a clientele that here, at the hotel "Locanda dell'Angelo" rediscovers a mix of both traditional and modern elements within an extraordinary, beautiful context.
All the premises, dating back to the ‘70s, preserve the poetic dialogue that the designer was able to establish between the white “Apuane Alps” and the nearby sea: to this date it’s an important hot spot for local and national tourism. The swimming pool inclusive of a Jacuzzi, whose white marble basin recalls the vestiges of the shining “Portus Lunae”, is surrounded by olive trees and secular olm oaks marking our time at the hotel "La Locanda dell'Angelo", a timeless place that gives away emotions and unforgettable moments.
In fact, here you can celebrate important events: communions, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, stag/hen parties and all those special occasions in our lives.


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