Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre start right behind the promontory of Portovenere with Riomaggiore, their first land coming from the central railway station of La Spezia. In medieval times the name “land” designated the village itself. Hence the name “Cinque Terre”. Past the “Mesco Tip”, coming from Genoa, the first village you’ll meet is Monterosso al Mare, the only hamlet displaying white sandy beaches among which the “Fegina beach”. The sea promenade links the historic centre to the new Fegina neighborhood which is rich in bars and restaurants. The Monastery of the “Cappuccini” and the gorgeous churches of the historic centre are a must for every visitor. Vernazza, located at the mouth of a stream, is naturally protected from the dangers of the sea by a rocky spur and, to this date, represents the only safe landing place in the Cinque Terre with its beautiful Tower. The Doria Castle and Saint Margherita Church with its beautiful little beach are true musts. Corniglia, the only village not be on the sea, lies on a hill surrounded by vineyards and retains its own charm, a sweetly rural touch. The Church of Saint Peter’s, Saint Lawrence Church and Saint Mary’s panoramic terrace are worth a visit too. Finally, Manarola and Riomaggiore, clinging onto the rock, with their houses piled up in a colorful mosaic, are possibly the most characteristic hamlets of the 5 Terre, with their magnificent dry walls and secular vineyards.